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African Orphanage

New Life Christian Orphanage International:

Contact Us:

E-mail: Chairman@NewLifeMinistriesInternational.com

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E-mail: ExecutiveDirector@NewLifeMinistriesInternational.com

Pastor Alo N'KOAGNO EnochOrphanage Project:

New Life Christian Orphanage International, Inc.
B.P: 14162
Lome, Togo
Phone : (228) 946.6536
e-mail: ExecutiveDirector@NewLifeMinistriesInternational.com


Africa, our continent appears to be a radically concerning phenomenon. Africa society is subjected to an undescripting plaque. Her policy, her economy, her culture, her morals and customs, put at
stake our consciousness. The population is victim of all the known plagues. Worse than ever, death mainly caused by aids, political and social troubles and any kind of civil wars, create disorder that improve orphans on everyday that God gives. These orphans in the future will be forsaken as the parents were almost destroyed by the irresistible death. Anxious to give help to these orphans, a man of God born the idea that was supported by the church executive committee. The aim is to produce a fetus in gestation.
Reflection and Achievement Committee Consisting of seven (07) members is elected for this purpose (is attached with the minutes).

This committee is assigned to:
- study the project ,
- look for a concession,
- design plans,
- estimate the cost of achievement,
- look for financing.

The objectives defined by the church executive committee were transmitted to the reflection and achievement committee to serve as consulting documents. It is presented as follow:

Our aim is to create capable of receiving one thousand (1 000) orphans coming from the sub-region (TOGO- BENIN-GHANA-BURKINA FASO) or even from other countries outside ECOWAS. This centre will be built in TOGO and really in the coastal region. The centre will have as assignment lodging, feeding and education of the registered children. It will also take into account their spiritual training of which goal is to insert then*m into evangelisation works of all the nations as foreseeing in Matthew 24:14¦.

The reflection and achievement committee is also on duty to conceive in few months documents necessary to achieve the project.


Identification sheet of the project:

Designation: New Life Christian Orphanage International, Inc.
Region: Coastal
Province: Yoto
Town: Tabligbo
Site of the project: Thekpo-Dedekpoe (at 21 kmin tge west-south area of Tabligbo)
Beneficiary: All orphans by father or mother or by both, citizens of ECOWAS countries.

Creator: New Life Mininistries International, Inc., and represented by an executive committee
Address: P.O. BOX 14162-LOME/TOGO
Person to contact: KOUDEKA K. VINCENT, the project reporter, Bank employee, responsible for private clients, BTCI,

Reference Persons: *Pastor ALO N'KOAGNO Enoch
Senior Pastor and Vice Chairman
New Life Ministries International, Inc.
Chairman of Reflection and Achievement Committee of the Project
P.O. BOX14162,
Lome, Togo
Phone: 228.227-0912 or 228.946-6536,

Mr. ALLAGBE Kokou Bayedje, Vice President of the Reflection and Achievement Committee of the Project, teacher at grammar school, Ministry of school planning, former parliament,
Cell phone: 228.902.8020
Manager of the project: Pastor ALO N'KOAGNO Enoch

Acting Administration: Reflection and executing committee of seven (07) members consisting of:
- 1 Chairman
- 1 Vice-chairman
- 1 Secretary reporter
- 1 Vice se cretary reporter
- 1 Treasurer general
- 1 Vice treasurer general
- 1 Adviser

The objectives

Having a centre of one thousand (1 000) capacity for receiving Children of both sexes and lodge and feed them.

- take care of their
education and their intellectual and
spiritual training
until the end of grammar school,
- fight for their insertion into the well
known colleges
- university,
- initiate them also to evangelisation work.

Forecast infrastructures:
We intent to equip the center with the following;
- 1 head office
- 1 lodging room and dwelling room
- 2 dormitories (1 dormitory for boys and 1 for girls)
- 1 dinning hall
- 1 school building consisted of the three (03)
degrees of learning, (from nursery to the end of the
grammar school)
- 1 amphitheatre or entertainment room of 800 to 1 000
saets capacity
- 1 Library
- 1 infirmary with at least 10 beds and consisting of
a waiting room , a room of consultation and nursing
room .
- 1 church of 1000 to 1500 seats capacity
- 1 planing compound for various games
(football,handball,basketball, and so on)
- sanitary equipments
- teacher¦s room.

Delay of execution: to be extended on over 8 years period of which 40 to 50% should be achieved during the first two years.
Total amount of the project: estimates about $953000 equal to FCFA 700 000 000
Local contribution: $ 19 060 equal to FCFA 140 000 000 (it includes acquisition of the concession and design of plans, supply of sand, gravel wood and employment
of the local manpower).
Financing required: $933940 equal to FCFA 560 000 000
Bank Domiciliation: BTCI, 169 Bd du 13 janvier, B.P:
363, LOME TOGO, Account number+..
Sources of financing:
Forseen sources:

- Christian organisation or associations
- churches (free donations)
- Non gouvernemental organisations ( NGO)
- Government and publics entities
- United Nations Organizatiion

New Life Ministries International, Inc.
B.P :14162
Lome, Togo
Phone : (228) 946-6536
e-mail :Chairman@NewLifeMinistriesInternational


The meeting was announced to the parish committees of all parish locations of New Life Ministries International,Inc., in Lome, Togo. At this meeting, after the opening prayer, the members debated a very important subject on the agenda and that was the idea to promote an orphanage. The idea was inspired by Divine inspiration and presented by the ministry Pastor, received agreement of all the participants after a heated and long debate. Reflection and Achievement Committee of seven (07) members has been installed and was consisted of Ministers:

Pastor David Pope, Chairman
ALO N'KOAGNO Enoch: President and DeputyChairman
ALAGBE Kokou Bayedje: Vice President
KOUDEKA K. A. Vincent: Secretary Reporter
AYEDJE Kokou Mawunyo Vice Secretary Reporter
AHOSSOU Yawovi: Treasurer General
Mrs. LAWSON Francine: Vice Treasurer General
SOUNOU Yaovi: Adviser

This committee was assigned to mature the project, to look for a concession in the coastal region of the country, to conceive plans and to look for financing sources. It was also assigned an opening of a bank account at BTCI that will be collegially managed by the chairman, the treasurer general and the secretary reporter. The meeting opened at 9: 15 am and closed at 1 :45 pm.

Lome, March 3rd 2001

New Life Ministries International, Inc.
Attention: Executive Committee
B.P :14162
Phone : (228) 946-6536
e-mail : Chairman@NewLifeMinistriesInternational.com


Anxious about insufficiency or existence of structures that manage scholar and social aducation of
orphans in the sub-region including TOGO-BENIN-GHANA-BURKINA FASO, New Life Ministries International, Inc., in Lome has decided to initiate a project of an orphanage
in the province of Yoto in Togo on the coastal region.

The objectives foreseen by the church executive committee are as follow:
- inventory of orphans in the sub-region that represent social cases and who arise problem of human behaviour,
- insure lodging of the orphans enregistered,
- insure their feeding,
- take care of their intellectual professional and spiritual trainning,
- facilitate their social integration,
- insert them into works of evangelisation.

Considering this rich objectives and according to the detailed description of the various structuretion of the project, the cost is estimated at $ 953 ,000 equal to FCFA 700 000 000.
More over, New Life Ministries International, Inc., is the
association that is responsible for conceiving and achieving project.

Lome, 4th July 2001

Pastor Alo N'KOAGNO Enoch, President and Vice CHairman
New Life Ministries International, Inc.
Chairman of the Reflection and Achievement Committee

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