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Community Enterprise Centers
Community Enterprise Centers

New Life Community Enterprise Centers will be state-of-the-art business incubators owned and operated by New Life International Community Development Corporation, in partnership with affiliates that give us additional access to business development assistance and technical assistance for local business entrepreneurs.

Summary of Services:

  • Office space, meeting space, technology resources, classrooms, resource libraries
  • Access to in-house business development assistance
  • Access to capital resources, business loans, and business development network

  • Access to professional services, computers, and equipment
  • Business development consultation
  • Access to the “Information Super-Highway” and technology that will bridge the divide and ensure equal opportunity access
    to education, employment, financial empowerment information
  • Professional outsource to print/graphic services
  • Career Resource Center: Reference and Development Resources
  • Access to audio/technology and cable access channels for advertisements

Contact Us:

E-mail: Development@NewLifeInternationalCDC.com

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