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New Life Films

New Life Films: A film production division of “New Life Media Ministries” has been commissioned by God to bring His word to life on the big screen, and to produce many other inspirational films for public viewing.

When you think of the Holy Bible, what thoughts come to mind? Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? Noah, his Ark, and the Great Flood? Moses, the Burning Bush, and the Exodus Samson and Delilah, the greatest love and betrayal of all time? David and Goliath, the Great Battle? The miracles of Jesus: his Immaculate Birth, Healing the Sick, Raising the Dead, His Crucifixion and Death, the Resurrection?

The Holy Bible is the greatest book ever to have been written; it portrays every example of mankind’s behavior: betrayal, greed, lust, nudity, sex, and violence; culminating in the most infamous murder of all time…"The Murder of Jesus Christ".

We are currently writing the treatment for script production to produce a Biblical series of films titled: “From the Creation to the Cross;” utilizing the influence of secular film production to educate, illustrate, and relay the “Word of God.” We will create the opportunity for mankind to view the “Word of God” in theaters across America; as our media ministry applies secular means to deliver the “Word of God” as we minister the gospel (the good news).

We have embarked upon the strategic planning for the development of film projects and we have structured agreements that will place our films in 2,971 theaters across America. We will partner with other studios to produce our film projects and these agreements will afford us the opportunity to begin our targeted production schedule of the first biblical film project tentively titled, "In The Garden." Major segments of this film project will be filmed on the continent of Africa where the bible says in Genesis 2:7-15 the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden.

"In The Garden"

This first film production emcompasses the creation of man, the love of a man and a woman, the temptation of man, the envy of man, the wickedness of man, and the destruction of man.

"A Message From The Management"

If you are a current actor/actor or an aspiring actor/actress there are many roles that have not o date been designated for this film. You may e-mail your photograph (head shot and full frame) along with your biography and profile to New Life Films for consideration.

Contact Us

E-mail: Films@NewLifeMinistriesInternational

"A Message From Our Executive Producer"

When we first initiated discussions about the production of a biblical series of films there were many issues that were addressed; how will the public receive a Christian film; should we produce a film as a Christian organization that has nudity, a love scene (sex), and violence...

The reality is that all these events and images did occur in the Holy Bible; and now we receive our confirmation here at New Life Films through the witness of one man who had the courage to succeed with the production of a biblical film. "The Passion of the Christ" has played in the secular theaters with great success; and we know that this was the assurance of God that we were afforded the opportunity to see the recent response of the general public and once again everyone is talking about the Christ...

"If we only believe with God all things are possible."

Grace & Peace...

Pastor David Pope
E-mail: PastorPope@NewLifeMinistriesInternational.com

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The entire New Life Ministries International, Inc. organizations would like
to thank "Pieces Of A Dream" and "Pieces Of A Dream" Management for their
encouragement and support of our organization with the use of this
song "Pieceful Dreams" as our web site music...Glory to God!!!

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