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New Life Media Ministries
Radio & Television Studios

New Life Media Ministries consist of a “Live” radio and television-broadcasting ministry, along with a film production company, and our publishing company.

Tune in to listen to WKAP-Faith Empowerment Radio 24-hours/7-days a week for music that will encourage, empower and inspire you to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly become: www.Rdo.to/WKAP

The "Live" broadcast program titled; "New Life," are produced with inspirational conversation, personal interviews, and a caller segment that affords us the opportunity to communicate with our listeners for immediate response.

New Life Media Company:
 16-Story Building with Atrium in Lobby
 Television Recording Studio
 FM Radio Network (Minimum of 150,000 watts)
 Network quality television studios capable of producing two nationally syndicated programs in a state-of-the art electronic studio
 Music Library
 80-Track Consuls with custom designed black box theater
 Full compliment of rehearsal halls
 Extensive studio facilities in a state-of-the-art complex

Contact Us
E-mail: Media@NewLifeMinistriesInternational.com

Kingdom Television International

Our Mission
Our Goals
Our Objectives

The Mission of Kingdom TV productions is to communicate Christian truth through television that entertains, inspires and educates by the use of highly-produced, creative and compelling programming

The Goal of Kingdom TV productions is to bring people closer to God by utilizing highly-produced, creative and compelling television programming .The specific Objectives of Kingdom TV productions are

Improve individuals, families, society and civilization by promoting Godly values.

Bring “seekers” to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Provide life-long educational opportunities for Christian learners.

Expand the reach of Christian institutions of higher learning.

Influence our culture by presenting education based on a Christ-centered world-view.

Provide strategic content partners added value for their product and help them fulfill their mission.

Help expand the ministry of affiliated stations and cable programmers.

Become a financially successful television programming network.

Become a distribution platform for new and creative programming.

Bring a return on investment for investors.

Program Philosophy:

To present a well-balanced and diversified program schedule that communicates Christian truth through content that entertains, inspires and educates.

To bring glory to our Creator God and His Son Jesus Christ in varied ways by using highly-produced, creative and compelling programming attracting all segments of our viewing audience.

To evangelize and edify the viewer utilizing the best faith-based programming available.

To always aim at adding or replacing a program with one of the same quality or better

Statement of Biblical Unity:

Because Biblical unity an among Christians will bring glory to God and help advance the Gospel, Kingdom TV productions seeks to promote harmony among the various Christian communities who agree with the principle tenants of historical Christianity as reflected in the Statement of Faith.

Program Standards:

Though notions of “good taste” may vary substantially, Faith Programming will respect and reflect standards of moral behavior consistent with the teaching of the Christian Faith.
Programming will seek a balance between respect for the audience and its obligation to reflect reality. In the event some programming may not be suitable for all persons or age groups, such programming shall be introduced and accompanied by the appropriate caution.
The tone and content of programming must not abuse, misrepresent or incite discrimination, hatred or violence against any individual or identifiable group based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, mental/physical disability, marital / family status, or political affiliation.

Incitement of violence: Neither the content nor the tone of programming will incite people to commit violent acts or attacks on any other group or person. Violence will be neither glorified nor exploited nor used out of context to shock or for trivial reasons.

Comment upon, and the depiction of human sexuality will not be exploitive or used for purposes of titillation.

Matters of personal privacy will not be portrayed without the subject's expressed consent or volunteering. Particular sensitivity will accompany matters of sorrow and grief. Religious and Faith organizations which purchase broadcast time on Kingdom TV productions must ensure that their programs uphold the highest standards of integrity. Programs must: Be consistent with Kingdom TV production's Statement of Faith.

Adhere to Kingdom TV production's conditions of license governing the duration, nature and content of advertising, giveaways, and/or merchandising as well as solicitation of funds.

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The entire New Life Ministries International, Inc. organizations would like
to thank "Pieces Of A Dream" and "Pieces Of A Dream" Management for their
encouragement and support of our organization with the use of this
song "Pieceful Dreams" as our web site music...Glory to God!!!

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